Is it better to cheat on a test and get a good grade or fail a class because you get bad grades?

Is it better to cheat on a test and get a good grade or fail a class because you get bad grades?

I’ll always remember one of my profs (3rd year measure theory). German. And someone asked him about his thoughts on take home exams. He said he didn’t like them because people would work together, share answers, or simply look them up in a textbook so they weren’t a true measure of an individual’s knowledge or ability.

Then he went on to talk about first coming to North America and discovering that many (most?) students adhered to an honor code (or would like they think they did). A code where cheating was frowned upon. But in Germany ….

So here we are, expecting to hear him go on about how nobody in the “old country” would dream of cheating in any way. Instead we got “But in Germany there was never any of that nonsense. If it’s a choice between cheat and fail, of course you cheat.”

6 thoughts on “Is it better to cheat on a test and get a good grade or fail a class because you get bad grades?”

  1. No it’s never ok to cheat to get good grades. The main reasons that candidates get rejected for their student visas is that they produce fake documents. So not worth it if you are caught you will be banned from applying for 10 years.

  2. RefrainsFromPartakin

    It depends on the kind of exam if it’s theoretical based it is okay and not practical because life structure is based on practice and ni politics without practice, you can fail to pronounce but you can write what you failed to pronounce

  3. Cheating will never do you good except even it for the time being save you from failing but remember cheating is disrespectful, shows carelessness towards studies.

    Ask yourself if you are making efforts to acquire sommethiing annd you have your heart set on it and someone else out of nowhere comes and takes that opportunity awy from you who is not liable for that certain something how would you feel? Certainly not happy, to put it mildly you’ll be pissed.

    The same is in exams, students that work hard. And undergo hardships during that time frame will not get their reward because someone else who never cares to study and crammsinn at the night of exam, cheats and gains good grade and been appraised will definitely not be a sightseeing for the hardworking students. One might become pessimistic.

    Cheating is unfair to others and to you because if you are not accustomed to certain concept you cheat and you continuously cheat your progress will be rendered and you might rely on cheating.

  4. What a strange set of options. Like, actually doing the work is out of question?

    Funny thing about cheating – it catches up with you at some point. Or at least it catches up to some of us. The world is full of crooks, who lie, cheat and steal all the time and live swell lives, because they don’t care about anybody or anything. But not studying for an exam and failing the class – and seriously, you won’t be failing because you didn’t cheat, you will be failing because you didn’t study- will still show up later. Since such a person has no work ethic, no conscience and no skills (since they wouldn’t study and had to cheat to begin with) – they will have to continue lying and cheating to get a job, and while on the job. And people will catch on to them, maybe.

  5. Cheating is the same as lying and stealing. Each time you hand in schoolwork, you are basically telling the teacher that you completed that work on your own. That’s either true or, if you cheated on the work, it’s lying. Cheating is also stealing because you are taking someone else’s work and calling it your cheating is not better for a life in my opinion.

  6. Absolutely. Hypothetically speaking there is a guy who has been cheating on tests for almost his whole academic life, from the 3rd grade through senior year of high school. This person was indifferent to the subject and never used it to degrade or plagiarize anyone’s work. This person believed if a teacher had gotten the assignment or test online and it was not made by them, that he was able to use the answer sheet for the stolen assignment. Their strategy was simple most of the time: write the answers on a post it note sized loose leaf, or to write it on the calculator protector, or calculator screen. He was very focused on what he wanted out of a career and after research into the types of math and knowledge needed for that career he would actually study and take the time to prepare for those topics. He only did this because he knew that these topics would help him in the real world. In college however, he reduced the need for cheating by taking classes that he will need to know ‘out in the field’ and ones that interest him. He was only caught 3 times throughout his academic career on small assignments in middle school when he was just being stupid and to blatant about the cheating.

    TLDR: the moral is to 1. Don’t get caught, 2. Don’t cheat on subjects that are actually going to help in the future, 3. And Don’t get caught/get stupid with it (I know I already said it, but just to drive home the point).

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