SSHS Accreditation

SSHS Accreditation

About Accreditation


“The mission of the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools is to advance excellence in education through the process of accreditation. Accreditation promotes continual school improvement leading to greater student achievement.”

  • -Accredited schools are members of one of the nation’s six regional accreditation associations.
  • -Accredited schools must meet rigorous standards and report progress on an annual basis.
  • -Accreditation promotes self-regulation by requiring schools to participate in an ongoing school improvement process.
  • -Accredited schools assure the public the accountability for their tax dollars.
  • -Regional accreditation provides a vehicle to meet state accountability laws and NCLB.
  • -Regional accreditation protocols help schools collect and analyze the same data that is needed for these state and federal laws.
  • -Regional accreditation external reviews help schools stay on track and focused on improving student performance.
  • -Regional accreditation helps schools use multiple measures to gauge student progress.
  • -Accreditation provides self-regulation.
  • -Regional Accreditation provides the structure and tools to align multiple assessments with curriculum and staff development.
  • -The regional accreditation process is teacher driven.
  • -Regional accreditation is the education profession’s method of self-evaluation and quality assurance.
  • -Accreditation is bottom up instead of top down.
  • -Regional accreditation adds value within a local community as its schools are recognized for meeting high standards.
  • -It’s simple really; state and federal laws tell schools what while NAAS shows schools how.
  • -Students are assured that credits are earned in an accredited school.
  • -Credits earned in a regionally accredited institution are accepted by all other NAAS schools.


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