Academic Help

  • * For Infinite Campus, Parents call the office 425-7733 for log in information.
  • * Students here is your log in (first time log in, ID number stays the same):
  • * log in name: student ID number
  • * password: student ID number
  • * For further academic help, there is after-school tutoring available through the National Honor Society Room 217 Mon/ Wed lunch, or the teachers themselves and a late bus is provided for every day, but Wednesday, at 4:10

**Success through Scholarship, Honor, and Spirit**





Tutoring and Aid

Through the help of the community we can aid students who are having difficulty in a subject, or matter, not just for a grade, but understanding. We Believe;

  • * Students must be engaged in order to learn.
  • * Students who participate in extra-curricular activities, sports, and clubs are more engaged in school.
  • * Parents are essntial partners in their childrens education
  • * Classroom instructionmust be differentiated in order to meet the needs of all learners.
  • * The school structure must provide support for all learners.
  • * Working together, we can preparestudents for productive post-secondary options.


Helpful Links

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