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People who have been expelled from a school, what did you do to get expelled?

I was in a difficult situation (((( We managed to look deep in the file trees of the schools computers and got the login info for the district wide admin. From there we had the ability to access any computer in the district and wrote a program to shut down all the computers in the school. Most of us decided it would not be a good idea to run it but one friend did it anyway the last week of school. From the computer assigned to me in our tech lab. I didnt have any knowledege of the event actually taking place. And the cops kept threatening me with cyber terrorism or some crap. Eventually friend confessed, had to work for the district over the summer before they would release his diploma/transcripts

6 thoughts on “People who have been expelled from a school, what did you do to get expelled?”

  1. Okay, so this is a story about my dad.

    My dad managed to get expelled from school at the tender age of 15. Why? He and a buddy decided to pull a prank on random students by filling up a bunch of garbage cans with water and setting them up at the top of the stairs (a main stairwell of the school). When the bell rang, everybody started heading up the stairs, and my dad and his buddy tipped the garbage cans over and washed everybody down the stairs.

    I’m not really clear on how he got caught, but he got kicked out shortly after that.

  2. I’m a senior and I got expelled a few months ago for prostitution. The school was an audition only dance school in Florida that is pretty well known. I found a “sugar daddy dating” website and signed up as a joke. Eventually I ended up coffee and lunch, then having sex with 2 of the guys I met on there for an “allowance per meet”. They technically pay me for sex, it was my choice. However, one of the students at my school told one of the teachers, who told the directors. At the end of the week, with no warning or even discussion at all, I was pulled aside and told I couldn’t come back on Monday. No explanation, no discussion, I was simply out.

  3. I was never expelled, but there was a friend who got suspended for something crazy. Let’s just say that he was a collector; he loved taking things and in one case, another classmate wanted something he collected.

    Believe it or not, this object was actually a knife. And the entire transaction was supposed to occur ON SCHOOL GROUNDS – and this wasn’t a high school, it was an elementary school like with kindergarteners in it. Another kid overheard and reported it, well, the kids in the deal were suspended and the end.

  4. I was expelled at 14 from a council estate comp.

    Shame because my family value education highly, and that I was being excluded meant that I was making my own life more difficult. Shame because I was a ‘good girl’ and this was not the mark of being a good girl.

    Pride because I was expelled for something that I thought at the time was the right thing to do (I slapped a teacher who mocked a friend of mine for being upset on the anniversary of her little sister’s death)

    Anger at the unfairness of it. People at my school had done far worse, but were not punished. I’d personally been hit, spat on, burnt, and cut more than once a week since starting at the school.

    Relief as I hated school, I was bullied and was miserable most of the time I was there. Being excluded stopped me from having to deal with that.

    Fear of the unknown… what happens next? Is this the last chance I have to do anything with my life? (at 14?!)

    What did happen next? I was let back in on appeal six months later, I skived the majority of the rest of the time there until I left officially. I returned to education as an adult and completed to M.A. level.

    I use my story to motivate people in my work place to show that their past does not define them, that they can work and achieve no matter what they did at school.

  5. Sent emails to my teachers that I didn’t like from the principals e-mail address saying they were fired.

    Edit: I was also the first minor in my state to ever be convicted of computer fraud.

  6. I went to an extremly strict private school for 18 days in the year 2000. I was expelled for telling a kid about a cartoon I saw on newgrounds that had sesame street characters smoking pot. He ran and told the principal after I said this.

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