Code of Conduct

A code of conduct is the most common policy within an organization. This policy lays out the company’s principles, standards, and the moral and ethical expectations that employees and third parties are held to as they interact with the organization. The Code provides methods and options for managing students in the classroom and on school grounds, disciplining students, and preventing and intervening in student discipline problems.

While attending school during regular hours or during school-sponsored activities, students are expected to follow these basic rules, procedures, and expectations:

  1. Your first priority at school is to learn. Avoid distractions that interfere with or are counter-intuitive to that mission.
  2. Be in the assigned place with appropriate materials, ready to work at the designated time that class begins.
  3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself and never intentionally harm another student.
  4. Use school-appropriate language and behavior at all times while maintaining friendly and courteous behavior.
  5. Be polite and respectful to everyone, including students, teachers, administrators, support staff, and visitors.
  6. Follow individual teacher instructions, class rules, and expectations at all times.
  7. Do not be a bully. If you see someone being bullied, intervene by telling them to stop or immediately report it to school personnel.

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